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Dirt Mafia 19% gear reduction

    900S & 1000S 19% Reduction
    Dirt Mafia ATV's reduction is helical cut for the quietest possible ride.
    Why Dirt Mafia?                                                                                       
    1. Our reduction is engineered to work specifically with your RZR, Turbo, Ranger, General or Ace.
    2.  Engineered to be used as a primary reduction and will also compound existing "gear stack" reductions. If you already use an in-transmission reduction (Turner, Super ATV or Polaris other model change out) ours will give you an additional 10%. Also if you own a High Lifter or the Newly released "Gold" Rock Crawler you would see a 19% final drive reduction in addition to your stock reduction.
    3. Our reduction happens closer to the wheels.  This should be important to you because all drivetrain gears between the wheels and the reduction gear set see the same load and stress as if there were no reduction present. That's right, your reduction is only benefiting your drivetrain from where the reduction resides in the transmission to your engine. Having the reduction as close to the wheels as possible means less stress and shock load to the clutches, and transmission of your RZR. An unfortunate side effect of existing reduction set-ups is idler shaft caused case fractures due to the reduction being taken at the gear stack. 
    4. Heat treated gears with unmatched strength.
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